What did you expect?


BH and BH

With all this wedding talk, perhaps you were envisioning me spending my entire day wearing taffeta and lace, selecting china patterns, and tying bows on wedding programs. . .ok, fine, one of the three did really happen. But only one. For the most part, wedding week was spent in hard core training mode. . . Would you have expected anything else?

This was possible in large part due to help from all of my beautiful bridesmaids, though one in particular was directly responsible for ensuring that there was no slacking off on the training front–wedding or not! Since, as Hillary put it, the trouble with blogging is that whenever you have something really good to write about, you’re too busy to actually do it, you can read more details on her recapping of our wedding week smashfest on her blog.

Hillary, aka BH,** gifted me with company for an entire week of Ironman training, including the 100 x 100 swim set formerly-known-as “the Birthday Set” (now appropriate for all special occasions)*** , a 5 hour bike ride, and a wedding day long run. It was probably the best gift either I or Andy could have ever received, because as everyone–ESPECIALLY Andy–knows by now, in my case, the “blissful” part of blissful bride would not happen without a heavy dose of exercise induced endorphins!

wedding swim setbh_wedding runWhat, everyone doesn’t do a 15 miler wedding morning?!

**BH or “better half” is a nickname we were both christened with pre-race week of IM Coeur d’ Alene, my first ever Ironman, because we spent the week virtually inseperable. The lead up to the race was so much fun that I literally forgot to be concerned or in any way intimidated by the distance until about 15 minutes before the start, which sent me spiraling into an utter tizz.

***Full disclosure, my swim was a bit short, since even the excitement of matrimony wasn’t enough to enable me to keep pace with 2 former top USC swimmers. Since we were running late for the dress rehearsal, I had to be content with a set that was not the full 10k, but still my longest swim ever!


  1. greyhound says:

    Swimming with Hills takes a special kind of craziness.

    Best wishes and much happiness to you and your new husband.

  2. Ian says:

    Congrats! On the swim record and the wedding. Kill it in Florida