St. George–engine lights, red rock, cows, and wind

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It’s almost go time here in Utah.  Transition bags have been packed, bike has been racked, and the course has been scoped–or, at least enough of it to realize it’s going to be really friggin’ tough, but I think we all knew that coming in!

  I arrived Tuesday night after a, thankfully, uneventful sojourn from San Diego.  This was a special relief, as Sally (my car) decided to choose mile 2 of the trip to debut the emissions hazard light on the dashboard.  The manual seemed to suggest that this was either a) no big deal because maybe the gas cap was a little loose or b) A really, REALLY big deal, and you should stop driving immediately, even if it seems as if your car is driving just fine.

Hmm, with no further clues to go off of–other than that I am, generally speaking, incapable of fully replacing the lids on most things–be it jars of peanut butter, water bottles, or what have you–I decided to go with the assumption that gas caps would be no different.  Choosing option A, I continued on my merry way.  The car hasn’t exploded yet, and anything that happens after the race is, well, after the race, so I’ll worry about it then. . .

 It really only should have been a 6 or 7 hour drive, but I managed to make a full day excursion out of it, stopping for a long swim session, longer Trader Joe’s shopping extravaganzza, and bathroom stops at nearly every available gas station along the way.  Pre race hydrating does not make for efficient road trips. 

Wednesday was the LifeSport Ironman preparation camp.  Super starOlympian, Lisa Mensink, and I were lucky to be able to help out with the camp–it’s always a lot of fun to meet other athletes who will be out there sharing the day.  We did a bit of course previewing, a swim session with drafting and technique work, and received lots of great last mnute guidance from Paul.  I think we all left feeling better prepared and more inspired.

Thursday and Friday were full of short “activation workouts” (short, mostly easy workouts, with the exception of a few tempo efforts to keep your body from going into hibernation mode during taper), checking out the course, and general pre race hoopla.  Other than that, there’s not much other activity to report.  Beth aptly compared prepping the bike/run gear bags to an exercise in quantum physics.   This made me feel slightly better about the seemingly ridiculous amount of time it takes to prepare oneself for an Ironman.

Here are Bessie & friends warming up for their spectator duties on race day.  See you on the other side!  Best of luck to everyone racing this weekend!